Fox Fanta

Fox Fanta

The story of Fanta began with the fact that our Inessa found the hunter’s announcement of the sale of several baby foxes. Of course, he sold them not as pets, but for a dog training. Thanks to the indifferent people in Vkontakte it was possible to collect the necessary amount of money, and Inessa went for the baby foxes.

A veterinarian examined foxes Fanta, Sprite and Yeni, they were vaccinated against rabies.  It was clear that they could no longer live in wild nature and the search for permanent owners began. The conditions were: provision of vaccination, living conditions in the form of a spacious cage or aviary and the ability to track the life of the foxes.

Until April 2018, Fanta lived in the “Flock” of Olesya Kulik, and then was released into the natural habitat.

“We’re all done waiting. Not Just a Happy Story, but a release! The long-awaited freedom was found by our redhead, because of which I spent an unforgettable night, because of which there are the most “fox” memories! Fox Fanta is the most harmful of our foxes. She lived with us almost a year. This is a perfect example of why it is not possible to give foxes to live with people who have no experience of keeping such animals. She was taken away by her curators and transferred to us. Aggressive, harsh, cunning, harmful and red. We have been preparing for a long time. We tried very hard. And now, finally, we can say, that Fanta is vaccinated a healthy, free Fox!

She is released in a safe place, where she will not be disturbed and will be able to calmly and perfectly help people, without even knowing it, to destroy the populations of rodents and pests.

Live and be happy!

Guys, who was on release, thanks for the help and support. You are real friends.”

Photos with fox Fanta

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